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6 Tips to boost your Amazon business

Article written by our partners, AVASK Group Amazon has now been consolidated as the largest marketplace and e-commerce platform in the world, with a reach to millions of customers and reaching nearly 5.000M monthly visits. This is an amazing opportunity to diversify...

Internationalisation Funding

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has recently launched an Internationalisation Fund. This means that you could get funding (between £1,000 and £9,000) to cover some of the costs of services just like the ones we provide at Genuine Translations. "The fund...

10 Ways to Improve your Marketing across Cultures

When entering new markets, as many businesses now will be in 2021 after the UK-EU transition period ended, you may think about the logistics and processes, but not about adapting your marketing material. If you are marketing your products or services across cultures,...

Introducing Local to Global

What do culture, language and design have in common? They are key challenges businesses have to overcome when exporting to new markets. Key challenges that, without the right guidance and assistance, businesses can easily get wrong; and key challenges that can reduce...