Local to Global

Local to Global is a creation of Janina Neumann from Janina Neumann Design and Eva Túnez Salvador from Genuine Translations, delivered by themselves and supported by a network of partners and collaborators from across the globe.

Language and cultural differences are one of the first and biggest obstacles businesses are faced with when considering exporting to foreign countries. At Local to Global, your business will receive expert advice and delivery of cultural, linguistic and branding services whereby your branding and marketing will be adapted to the target country or countries.

By effectively portraying your business brand and services or products in the language of your target country, taking cultural aspects into consideration, your business will build trust and convey messages effectively. And this will lead to growth opportunities!

Our range of services include market briefing, country-specific cultural advice and training, branding review and adaptation, website design and localisation, translation of documents and labels, and bilingual social media and customer service support.

Please get in touch at hello@localtoglobal.uk if you would like to find out more, discuss your export plans or collaborate with us, we look forward to hearing from you.