With Brexit around the corner, there are many certainties and uncertainties we all need to face, no matter your background. What we certainly know is that we cannot turn our backs to international trade, we have to get ourselves and our products and services out there and grow with the rest of the World.

Whether you are, or hoping to soon be, exporting, importing, or simply doing business in another country, surrounding yourself with the best team of experts can make a massive difference to the success of your international trade; because, let’s face it, trading abroad ins’t straight-forward at the beginning. Agents and distributors in your target country need to be chosen carefully, and so is your Language Service Provider if you are trading with a non-English speaking country.

The right Language Service Provider, or Language Service Partner, as I like to call it, is exactly that, a partner. It is a partner who:

  1. Really wants you to succeed in international trade;
  2. Takes the time to understand your goals, background and challenges;
  3. Reviews any existing material that you have already translated and improves it if needed;
  4. Creates a translation plan with you to cover all your translation and translation-related requirements from the beginning to the end of your international trade journey;
  5. Knows your industry, your target markets and the language dialects (e.g. European Spanish and Latin American Spanish);
  6. Is transparent about pricing and turnaround times, and open to negotiation;
  7. Reviews, updates or creates glossaries and style guides with you to ensure terminology consistency and legal, technical and branding compliance;
  8. Follows a Quality Assurance process including proofreading by a second linguist;
  9. Can provide other languages and language-related services (e.g. multilingual SEO) or refer you to other trusted professionals);
  10. Is easily approachable and contactable, and happy to meet you face to face.

There are thousands of Language Service Providers out there who claim they are the fastest, cheapest and best. However, there are few who specialise in international trade and know your pain points when it comes to preparing your marketing material, products and services in another language and deliver an effective and tailored translation plan.

At Genuine Translations we tick all the points described above and are ready to help you succeed overseas. To make the process easier for our clients, we have created three translation packages that we can tailor to your needs, and a free 1/2h non-obligation advice clinic to discuss your requirements.

Now, are you ready to grow overseas?

Written by Eva Túnez Salvador, Director of Genuine Translations.

Eva founded Genuine Translations in 2014. She holds a BA in Translation and Interpreting, she is a sworn translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the Institute of Export and International Trade, and she has a background in business management.