Look around you.

The majority of things you see or have are there thanks to translation… believe me!

Maybe the laptop/PC/mobile phone/tablet you are using; or your car; perhaps the shoes you wear, and quite possibly, all the veggies in your fridge (if you are in the UK and don’t like strawberries), to name but a few.

Many of these products have been made in other countries where they speak other languages and been exported to the country where you live in… you know, importing, exporting, and the wonderful era of globalisation we live in.

And in order to export/import those products, translation of various documents, from legal certificates to all sorts of marketing material, has most certainly been needed and played a key role in the process.

We all know why translation is needed in the first place: to enable communication between two parties speaking different languages. However, were you aware of its growing presence and importance?

I dare to state the following:

Importance of the word (what is said/written) = Importance of translation

Nowadays, if you consider that your word, and consequently what you want to communicate with it, is important, then translating it well for your target audience will ensure your message is reached and your desired action (or reaction) can happen. Otherwise, it’ll be like writing a song that will never be played.

Thanks to translation, cultures have been promoted, political and social movements have developed, businesses have expanded, and the World can keep going around.

Thank you, Translation!