September is here. Children are back in school, Tesco has brought out their Christmas cards and chocolates, and that great holiday you had in the sun is now becoming a distant memory.

It’s not surprising that Spain, France and Italy are always among the Brits’ top 10 holiday destinations. Their lovely climate and more relaxing lifestyle, among other factors, win the hearts of millions of Brits every year; to the extent that these 3 countries are also among the top 10 most popular countries for Brits to buy a property in.

It seems that there is no obstacle to getting a place in the sun, not even the financial crisis in Spain. Buying property abroad will stay in fashion and be the next move for investors, for those wanting a holiday home, and for those who want to emigrate for good.

building-69776_640Is buying a house overseas also on your wish list? Then you should start looking for international property legal advice. If you think the legal paperwork for buying a house in your own country is complicated, imagine the added stress of dealing with the law, language and traditions if you buy a property in Spain, for example. But don’t worry, there is plenty of help out there for you, so that the purchasing goes smoothly and you can quickly feel the sea breeze from the porch of your own home.

Why not start by reading some general guidance for buying property abroad from the British government website?

As you will see, the government highlights the importance of using a translator who has experience in the translation of property contracts and related documentation. This is as important as using a lawyer who can operate in the UK and overseas, with experience in international property sales and transactions, and registered with the Law Society.

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Until then, happy dreaming!