E-Commerce Translations

With over 5 billion internet users around the world, it is no surprise that online sales, via e-commerce websites or marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay or Etsy, are growing at a breath-taking rate.

E-commerce brings individuals and companies from almost anywhere in the world together for the purpose or selling and buying almost anything! In this digital era, e-commerce is a convenient means of selling and a good alternative for some exporters; and currently, in the Covid-19 lockdown, it may be the only means.

Translation plays an important role in making your products accessible to foreign markets. However, culture plays an even more important role. Different countries have different buying behaviours, and cultural factors will determine if your product can be successful in a specific country. For example, if you are launching an Amazon advertising campaign to increase the sales of a specific product on Mother’s Day, you’ll need to bear in mind that Mother’s Day in some countries is not the same date as Mother’s Day in, let say, the UK.

The way countries search for products online is also different from one culture to another, and good keyword research and optimisation is “key” to the success of your product listing.

Amazing at Amazon

Not many translators know how to optimise Amazon listings and grow your international sales through Amazon. The Genuine Translations team does. We not only are experts at localising and transcreating content bearing in mind linguistic and cultural factors, but also specialise in optimising product listings so that your products are easily found by millions of buyers while keeping the copy attractive and relevant.

We use tools such as Helium10 and Google Keyword Planner, know all the Amazon guidelines for product listings and can assist with advertising campaigns too.

In terms of languages, we cover all of the Amazon countries and beyond! Please visit our Languages page for a list.

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