Genuine Translations is 1

Today, Genuine Translations is 1 year old. Hip, hip… hooray!

We made it through this first hard year thanks to our enthusiasm, vision, determination, passion for what we do, teamwork, and you! Because if you are reading this, it means you have somehow contributed to our success, so THANK YOU.

Having focused on our branding, social media, website, blog, resources and service offering, there is still plenty to do and learn to grow bigger and wiser. Bring on the second year!

[panel type=”grey”]Although it is our birthday, we have a little present for you. Use the code GENUINETRANSLATIONSIS1 for a 15% off any English-Spanish translations that you order this week.

Have you read our latest blog about using transcreation services yet?

And if you aren’t following us yet on social media, please do so!

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Have a great week and be genuine!

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