Your gateway to Spain and Latin America.

Cultural and linguistic assistance to companies trading with Spain and Latin America.

Trading with Spain

Whether you are new to exporting or have some experience exporting to English-speaking countries but would like to try new markets, Spain offers many benefits.
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Trading with Latin America

If you are thinking of doing business in this beautiful area, we can help you get your message heard across the Atlantic.
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Marketing Translations

Marketing and transcreation services to help your message reach overseas markets.
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Legal Translations

Legal document translations certified by sworn translators appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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More than translators, Export Advocates

Genuine Translations is now 5 years old, and this has truly been an exciting year for us. Earlier in the year, we brought our two main specialisations, legal and marketing translations, together to create a new service offering: translations for international trade....

What the right translation partner can do for your international success

With Brexit around the corner, there are many certainties and uncertainties we all need to face, no matter your background. What we certainly know is that we cannot turn our backs to international trade, we have to get ourselves and our products and services out there...

The Importance of Translation in Export

Whether you are new to exporting or have been doing it for some time now, you will certainly already know all the numerous benefits that exporting your products or services can bring to your business. However, as I am sure you will agree, it can be an overwhelming...

Bienvenidos a Genuine Translations

Somos una agencia de traducción especializada en traducciones de ámbito jurídico y marketing. Estos son algunos de los documentos/textos que traducimos: Documentos legales Certificados de nacimiento, adopción, bautismo, matrimonio, divorcio, cambio de...

Interview to a typesetter

Typesetting is, according to the Britannica Encyclopedia, “the setting of type (characters) for use in any of a variety of printing processes” (even if the files don’t get printed, which is very common nowadays). To help you visualise it, think of a glossy magazine or...